Character Name
Kanji Use for kanji
Romaji Romaji
Alias Alias if appllicable
Character Information
Birthday Month + date put things like "th" and "rd" in small like so
Gender Male/Female
Height Centimeters (Feet/inches in parentheses)
Weight Kilograms (Pounds in parentheses)
Blood Type Use the Ketsukei-gata rule
Relatives Use break tags
Link if possible
School If there is a page on the parent Wikia, link to it
Class Class number
Seat Number Seat number
Affiliation Use break tags
Link if possible
Occupation Use break tags
Link if possible
Status Alive/Deceased
Manga Manga Debut (Link if possible)
Anime Anime Debut (Link if possible)
Japanese Voice Japanese Voice
English Voice English Voice
Actor Live-action actor (if applicable)

Note* All tabs aren't necessary

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Character Name (Kanji) is a -occupation and affiliations + any other vital information (ex. spouses, ranks, etc.).

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

History Edit

Abilities Edit

Quotes Edit

  • (When this was said and/or to whom. Link if possible.) "Quote here. Always italicize it and please do not use the quote template. Repeat as needed."

Trivia Edit

  • Fun facts or extra information about the character
  • Repeat as needed

Categories Edit

Important Note* When filling out the character's gender, DO NOT put their identification. That can go in their biography or trivia.

All characters should all be tagged with the "Characters" tag. These should go down in the categories section, but mark it like so:

By Sex Edit

  • Male
  • Female

If Student Edit

At any school, add the "Student" tag. This does not apply for any other occupations.

By Class Edit

Use the class number and letter. Format below:

  • Class Number-Letter Students

By School Edit

Example below:

  • Kunugigaoka Junior High School Students

By Affiliations Edit

Examples below:

  • Tohoku Regional Female Soccer Team
  • The Five Virtuosos

By Fanfiction Features Edit

If the character shows up in a fanfiction, use the name of the fanfcition, plus "Characters." Format below:

  • -Fanfiction Name- Characters