Kokona Hio
Kokona Hio
Kanji 氷魚코코나
Romaji Hiō Kokona
Alias Hairpin


Character Information
Birthday May 17th
Gender Female Female
Height 169cm
Weight 115lbs
Blood Type O
Relatives Eve Hio-Asano (Twin Sister)
School Kunugigaoka Junior High School
Class 3-E
Seat Number 29
Occupation Student (Former)
National Swim Team Captain (Current)
Architectural Designer (Current)
Status Alive
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Voice Satomi Arai
English Voice Yui Horie
Actor Youko Kita

Appearance Edit

Kokona is a tall woman with an hourglass figure. She has pale skin with pink undertones to match her beautiful, silky, maple brown hair. Her long locks hang down to her mid back and has nicely cut bangs. She has soft, bronze-colored eyes with thick eyelashes. She the third largest bust out of all students in Class 3-E as she is a E cup. She has a total height of 169cm which makes her a little bit taller than her twin sister. She is often mistaken for Eve's older sister since she has more of a mature appearance rather than a childish complexion.

For fashion, Kokona prefers to wear comfortable clothing, nothing being too tight nor too loose. She doesn't like showing a lot of cleavage or skin and it's not that she's self conscious. She prefers to wear yellows, pinks, red, and whites which gives people the idea she likes simplistic, light color wheels which is true since she stated to her class that the reason why she doesn't wear the normal dress code is because she feels grey doesn't look very nice on her. She always wears tan colored ribbons in her hair.

However, Kokona wears an outfit to school that has the same looks as their normal dress code. She wears a light yellow blazer, red skirt, and light pink long-sleeve shirt with a collar. She wears black dress shoes and a navy tie along with some unusual creamy yellow, thigh-high stockings.

Personality Edit

Kokona is a very soft, gentle female with a cheerful personality. She possess very few negative traits, but they are able to balance her positive ones.

For one, Kokona is unable to start conversations. She's very shy when she is around other people (excluding Eve) and stutters when she's nervous. With that, she's easily flattered and always finds herself to be blushing for no reason at all, which her twin always teases her for.

Unlike Eve, she has a higher tolerance for insults and people can't easily shake her ego. She rarely shows emotion when people are insulting her and is able to deal with fights in a gently, no violence matter.

Kokona is caring meaning she will never hesitate to help someone who is in need of assistance. Whether her life is in danger or not, she will rush into action to tend to others even if she knows her own life may be taken. She is often scolded by her friends, classmates, and sister for being so ignorant and careless of her own self value.

Although most people do not know about this, Kokona is a very flirty person who will always take chances when it comes to love. She doesn't usually act different around her love interest when around a large crowd, but when she's alone with them, she will do anything to get their attention.

Kokona is very protective over the people she cares for to the point it becomes ridiculous. If she really needs to, she will get caught in a crossfire to make sure her loved ones are safe.

After the death of Korosensei, Kokona's personality changes and she becomes a lot more sensitive and cowardly. It doesn't take much to make her cry and fears a lot more than what she normally would.

History Edit

Abilities Edit

  • Bloodlust: Although her bloodlust is much more controlled, Kokona has a large amount of bloodlust that lurks inside her. She is able to control it no matter what the scenario and knows when she needs to step outside. Since she has just as much bloodlust as Eve, she is able to help her control it.
  • Marksmanship: Kokona is ranked 2nd on the girls' side of marksman and her specialty is both long range and short range. She scores 97/100 in the month of June.
  • English Literature: Kokona is a master when it comes to the English language and is currently tied in first place for English Literature in Kunugigaoka.
  • Other Skills: Kokona is very skilled when it comes to swimming and has a masters degree is every field revolving around it. Her specialty is the Butterfly Stroke and has won a total of 3 medals in the International Swim Tournament. She is a former lifeguards and her side job is teaching competitive swimmers.

Quotes Edit

  • "These things are so boring, I'd rather die!"
  • (To Eve upon reuniting) "Sometimes, you forget things but it's too painful to remember."
  • "Everything must stay the same. That's how perfection is created."
  • "I don't know any place I can hide from the voices that are tearing me apart inside."
  • "It will only being to hurt once you start pretending it doesn't."
  • "I want to stand by you sharing my love. What else could be the real meaning of my life? There's nothing..."
  • "Life is not a matter of milestones, but of moments and memories."
  • (To Eve) "When you die, yes, I will be sad; completely and utterly destroyed. However, I know that no matter what matter if our hearts both shatter, the bond we had can never break and the memories we shared will never be forgotten."
  • "Isn't it sad that when you really need someone to talk to, they never listen to a word you say?"
  • "Whether we all decide to drift away from one another...forget.... Next time we see each other, you will remember, without a doubt, everything that happened; sad, embarrassing, happy. I know it because...."

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