TRIGGER WARNING: This character's relationships features dynamics that may be viewed as abusive to some. Reader discretion is advised.

Gakushū Asano Edit

Appropriate for his manipulative identity, Gakushū consistently uses Hatsue for whatever he may need from her, taking advantage of her tendency to be extremely clingy, though he says that even he was shocked by her devotion to him. It is not confirmed whether she does this out of romantic affection or not, but she frequently says she cares for him. Kaede and Rio forebode her of Asano's plan for betrayal, but she denies it.

Hiroto Maehara Edit

She finds him to be interesting, and takes pity on him for his attitude towards relationships, drawing a connection between the way he acts and the traits of Mnemonic personality disorder, specifically his provocative or seductive behavior and perceived shallowness.

Rio Nakamura Edit

Initially, she was seen to not like being around Hatsue because of her overly-dramatic actions, which Rio noted to be too annoying, even for her sense of humor. Later on, however, Hatsue makes multiple attempts to show her better side to Rio, some of which prove successful.

The two are currently good friends and often go out together on weekends or days off.