Hatsue Ishinomori
Hatsue Ishinomori
Kanji 石野森 一枝
Character Information
Birthday March 14th
Gender Female Female
Height 178 cm (5'8")
Blood Type O
Relatives Soichiro Ishinomori (Father)
Yoshino Ishinomori (Mother)
Nanami Ishinomori (Brother)
School Kunugigaoka Junior High School
Class 2-A
Seat Number 14
Affiliation Tohoku Regional Female Soccer Team
Occupation Team Captain
Status Alive
Japanese Voice Asami Shimoda (Anime/OVA)
Actor Rika Adachi
Burn, Rome! Burn.
Hatsue Ishinomori (石野森 一枝) is a student at Kunugigaoka Junior High School and captain of the Tohoku Regional Female Soccer Team. She acts as Gakushū Asano's protégée, taking notes from him academically.

Appearance Edit

Hatsue is a pale-skinned, very tall girl who is frequently mistaken for older than she is. She has short purplish-black hair that shows some of her forehead, and bright golden eyes.

She is normally seen wearing the standard gray skirt and undershirt, the skirt having black-lined edges. She puts two pins on the tie;one white & pink polka-dots, the other with a yellow smiley face. While wearing the school’s required loafers, her socks are very short, only to her ankles.

Hatsue Timeskip

Hatsue seven years after graduation

Seven years after graduation, her hair seems to be a brighter shade, and is cut in a blunt style, and her bangs follow suit. She is then seen with reddish-orange lipstick, and light blush.

Her face looks much more apathetic. She also is seen with multiple tattoos on her thigh and ankles.


Overall, Hatsue takes on a bad reputation. It's a surprise to most people she is still attending school instead of in a mental hospital due to her completely unstable demeanor.

Some speculate that her persona is meant to be mistaken as self-loathing to fuel narcissistic behavior, which she keeps hidden. Hers shows through indecision, and through a habit of frivolous spending whilst on vacation, she has established her “insecurity” even more, according to most of her classmates.

She is theatrically dramatic, as well as high-strung and over-attached to those that open up to her, meaning many don't. This is later revealed to be due to the fact she suffers from Histrionic personality disorder, and within the Millon sub-types, she unfortunately is a mixture of all six.

Due to this, she is in fact quite a timid adolescent girl, afraid of herself. She notes the feeling of knowing she burdens people with her erratic behavior as horrific, and when she begins acting in that manner she feels like she's "stepping outside of her normal self."

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  • (Speaking to Rio Nakamura) "Hey, don't you think it's just a little annoying? Broken pencils are pointless."
  • (Speaking to Kōtarō Takebayashi) "You're really sad, aren't you? Really stereotypical, I mean."

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