Eve Hio-Asano is a student in Korosensei's Class 3-E and a former student in Class 3-A. She is the adoptive daughter of Gakaho Asano. She was suspended from school for 3 months after strangling Nagisa Shiota, a former friend. She is Karma Akabane's closest friend.

Eve Hio-Asano
Eve Hio-Asano
Kanji 氷魚 浅野イブ
Romaji Hiõ​​-Asano Ibu
Alias Hiõ-chan
Wretched Egg
Character Information
Birthday May 17th
Gender Female Female
Height 164 cm
Weight 45 kg
Blood Type AB
Relatives Gakushū Asano (Older brother)
Gakuhō Asano (Father)

Kokona Hio (Twin Sister)

School Kunugigaoka Junior High School
Class 3-E
Seat Number 0
Occupation Student (Former)

Maid (Former) Bartender (Current) Professional Athlete (Current)

Status Alive
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Voice Kanae Ito
English Voice Jad Saxton
Actor Mio Otani

Appearance Edit

Eve has stated that she inherited most of her looks from her mother. Eve is a very beautiful young woman with a pair of light-blue eyes. She has light-blond hair that reaches her mid-back while it only reaches her upper chest in the front. Her bangs hang just above her eyes. Eve has a very curvy body and tends to flaunt herself. Eve almost always wears her butterfly hair clip on her head and is usually depicted in her school uniform. When in public, Eve wears flashy clothes that fit her well.

Although people don't really know it, Eve has gotten tattoos and piercings which she is able to hide very, very well. Like the tattoo of a blue butterfly on the back of her neck right below where her hairline starts. She has a total of 9 piercings; 4 on her left ear and 5 on her right including an industrial bar on her right ear.

Personality Edit

Eve, on the outside, is a normal school girl who acts very cheerful. She is an arrogant and sassy, not bothering to filter her language. She has the tendency to overthink her smarts in much situations and has a repelling personality that makes her have no female friends other than a few.

Eve thinks there are two types of people that exist; the ones who can befriend her and the others that aren't capable of coping with her personality (or being her friend).

Eve is capable of making friends with females, but chooses not to. However, befriending males is near impossible due to the fact they like to drool over her looks and treat her like a princess which only encourages her 'noble' personality.

Nevertheless, if Eve's ego is shaken (Karma knows exactly knows how to do this), she will burst into tears and most likely start crying before running away, yelling childish insults at everyone she passes.

Eve is also very gullible. She can easy be told to do something that she doesn't realize is false which usually ends up with her being beaten up. She is physically incapable of self defense and depends on the people around her to protect her.

However, if she feels someone she loves is in danger, Eve will waste no time to track them down and make sure they are safe. She will easily break if someone she loves has passed away and can't cope with stress, depression, or loss. She doesn't feel how others feel towards her and acts like she knows how they feel, wanting to understand them.

History Edit

Eve grew up in a very rich family with her mother, father, and older brother. Her mother told her that she had an older sister who died at a very young age. Although she had everything she could ever want, Eve was abused daily by her father without her mother's knowing. Her entire childhood revolved heavily on her mother because she was one of the few people she could depend on because her father was mean to her and her older brother didn't really pay much attention to her. 

For years, Eve was abused every day and every night until one day when she was about 6 years old, someone knocked on the door while the family was watching a movie in their living room. It was 10pm, so it was unusual for someone to come and knock on their door. Needing someone to check out the situation, Oswald, Eve's father, got up and headed to see who it was. For ten minutes, there was nothing but silence. Now worried and suspicious, Lacie, who was their mother, got up and was horrified to see her husband had been dismantled in front of the entrance to the house. Eve got up with Glen to see what it was about when their mother yelled at them to leave the house immediately in which they left in a rush. When Eve looked back at her house, she heard a blood-curdling scream before everything went silent, running to the next town over. 

For years, Eve and Glen lived in fear of being killed. Just when they thought it was all over, things took a turn for the worst. When Eve got up one morning for school, now 10 years old, she noticed her brother wasn't home and thought he had gone out for groceries. And so, she went to school as normal but when she came back hours later, there was no sign he had returned home. Knowing something was wrong, Eve went out to find her missing brother only to find him hanging from a noose which was tied to one of the nearby Sakura trees. Traumatized, she ran to her school and was discovered by Gakashu Asano where he took her to his home. She was then adopted into the Asano family.

As the years passed, Eve tired desperately to recover from her loss, doing everything she could to forget about it. Just when she thought things couldn't get better, she met Karma Akabane who lightened her world. They quickly became close to each other and soon met Nagisa Shiota through her new friend but friendships don't last forever. One day, Eve lost control of her bloodlust, strangling Nagisa for no reason. After Karma stopped her from killing her classmate, she was put in a special building to restrain her until she got control over her bloodlust. From that day on, Nagisa and Eve became nemesis.

Abilities Edit

Bloodlust: Despite Eve's cute appearance, she is very violent at times. She has a bloodlust so high, it's off the charts. Other assassins have given her the title 'Demon' or 'Lust'. She won't fight unless she needs to protect someone, but will not hesitate to kill her opponent, even if it isn't required. She will easily lose control of herself and become a twisted. She is able to take down anyone when she is 'in the mood'. Though she says she has never killed anyone, that's secret remains untold. 

Assassination: Since Eve was born into a family that had been assassins since the very beginning, she has it in her blood. She is able to use any kind of attack such as the stun clap, even if she only has one weapon/object. She is able to kill her enemies with very little bloodshed and knows how to hide the evidence. She is the second seat of the Ministry of Defense, which she doesn't mention until later, and is the head of a well known, noble assassin clan. Koro-sensei, like Nagisa, describes her as a 'pure assassin' or 'pure-blood'. It is very hard to known what Eve is planning and nobody in E Class is able to sense her, which makes it easy for her to catch her enemies off guard. 

Intelligence: Though she is not very smart in battle, Eve is the highest on the ranks among all the students in 3rd year. She has lost to both Karma, her love interest, and Gakashu, her adoptive brother. She is one of the smartest characters in the school and can take on any academic test. Although her grades are off the charts, she can't think when her life, or the lives of others, are on the line. If this happens, her mind is blank and she is likely to go insane, or lose the fight since she forgets everything in her head. 

Close Combat: Like Karma, her specialty is close-range combat, meaning she is better using her hands, katana, or knives. She is very unlikely to use firearms since she is very afraid of them. She, physically, the second strongest in the school, but strongest in her class. She has been a delinquent all her life and this has brought her strength to very high levels that most teachers can't beat. She is very good with throwing knives and is fantastic at using Japanese swords. Her hand-to-hand combat skills are next to perfect, but she breaks a lot of knuckles since her bones are so weak.

Quotes Edit

  •  "I hate this woman with all my soul, but I've never wished she never existed." 
  •  "I love this game and I'll fight the whole world to protect its honor!" 
  •  "I don't hate you. I just wish we never met, that's all."
  •  "Take it deep into your heart and know you have a purpose."
  •  "Never look back, but never forget."
  •  "We're all human, no matter how different we all are."
  •  "I've never, ever wished that you didn't exist. I just wish I never existed myself."
  •  "It's okay to be afraid. Even if it's something so small. You just need to be strong."
  •  "We're all human and I think sometimes we all forget that and that time is when people start treating us like objects instead of living things."

Trivia Edit

  •  The secret about her family remains untold.
  •  She lives by herself in a manor.
  •  She is a billionaire.
  •  She was have a anxiety attack and most likely pass out around any gunfires.
  •  Very rarely comes to class.
  •  Physical Education is her favorite subject, Civics being her least.
  •  Her cooking is amazing and her favorite food is takoyaki.
  •  Her code name was Mijimena Tamago which means 'Wretched Egg'. This was decided by everyone in the class because most of them think she is rotten because of her assassination skills being so high.
  •  She collects video games and manga.
  •  Loves ecchi manga and anime (mostly for Koro-sensei's assassination, but loves to read them as well).
  • She has given Korosensei the nickname, 'Voro-sensei'.
  • As of the first meeting with Itona Horibe, Eve begins to fall ill which eventually leads to being pulled out of school and put in the hands of doctors after developping severe vaginismus.